1. Love this website, very helpful!! I have 3C hair and my precious daughter (8yrs old) has between 4A and 4B hair. It has taken a very long time to grow despite me using Shear moisture products, all natural oils, deep conditioning once a week, etc. It’s about 4″ if I leave it in a cute fro, but about 7″ if pulled out and braided.
    My question is I get totally mixed advice about braiding. I only get her hair braided when we go on vacation or when I go on business trips, so about every 90 days or so, then I leave the braids in about 3 weeks, any longer then they get super frizzy.
    Her hair has fine hair strands but it’s thick, so her sides are delicate, this is where my anxiety kicks in. Daddy loves her hair in braids and so do I b/c it’s easy maintenance; however, I’m very concerned about hair breakage on the sides if I have braids put in regularly, so I don’t.
    Any advice on the braids? and what will help her hair growth? Or do you think that just maybe her? She eats super healthy and is a gorgeous baby girl…

    Thank you so much, this is my first time asking online advice….

    • Im no professional by any means however my hair is exactly what you described. Ive found that if my edges are left out or not pulled tight in braids I dont have a problem. My hair is very delicate and fine and tho I have a lot of it its ez’ly pulled out. Also spraying it w a braid spray helps to keep me from losing much hair if any during the take down. Hope this helps.

  2. I have 4c hair, I cannot manage it. I am from South Africa and have tried almost every product available in my country to make it more manageable and soft. I now wear weaves if not I cut. Have been thinking of doing dreadlocks or cut again. Please assist on how to make this hair soft…

  3. I keep seeing a product line called Etae. I live in a very rural area where salons are not exactly on the cutting edge of hair care. I’ve found no one who has used this product . There are online reviews but I’d like to hear if it’s worth the price. My daughters hair is mixture of 4b and 4c. We work diligently to keep it healthy but she’s at the age where she’s wanting some variety but we won’t sacrifice the health of her hair to get it. Any opinions of the products would be greatly appreciated!

    • There is an Etae salon around the corner from me. Not only are their products fantastic but they do great work in the salon. If you buy the products and do it yourself it may take more than one time for you to get it right, as far as how long to keep the products on, etc. Keep at it, though, I hear doing it yourself products good results, but often not the first time. Watch their youtube videos and pay close attention to what they do, that helps too.

  4. All hair is good hair as long as one takes care of their hair. Its so great to see this article and see the best way to take care of the different curl patterns. I have 4b with some 4a in the back. I have just recently learned to love and embrace my hair. Growing up I always wished I had looser curls or “good hair” but now I know all hair is beautiful. Please everyone embrace to the beautful hair God gave you no matter what society tells you what “good hair” is.

    -Lauray Co. Clothing

  5. It seems like my daughter has 3c hair (she’s mixed I’m white her daddy’s black, but he has good hair as well, naturally wavy. And when I was my daughter’s age I actually had a full head of thick, hard to manage, curly hair, similar to “Shirley Temple” if u remember her? However, her’s is obviously more course than mine was. Especially at the root. It’s a pain to have to part it evenly bc of the way her curls lay flat on her head when I go to part it in sections it’s more difficult parting it completely from root to tip bc her’s tends to become tangled both near the ends, where it tends to dry out easier making it easier for the curls to like intertwine if that makes sense, and especially in the thickest section with the most hair mid-bk of her head usually where a pony-tail or twist or bun gatherers. I use “Just For Me” products on her hair now + a few others that are co-wash detanglers. But as far as where it says “botanic gels” idk wth that means and idk what kind of moisturiser or oils to use when i braid it or put it in plats. I have come A LONG WAY and her hair is beautiful but it takes me forever just to eash it bc SHE FREAKS OUT IF HER FACE GETS WET! Her hair has grown a good 4ish in since Nov. 2nd of last year it’s down to her belly button/waste. So I’m doin good. But i want to be able to do it in cute lil fish tail braids and dutch braids but I only want to use natural (hell even proven hm remedies that actually wk) on her hair to do these things. Also I know wash it once a week, BUT how often should I brush/comb it bc it seems like every time i wash it I’m dealin with tangles! Ugh! Anyway any suggestions would be appreciated. Thx and God bless.

    • “But he has good hair as well..”. PLEASE dismiss your white ass from this forum! And you don’t know when you should comb or brush your child’s hair?! This is an actual question?!

      • Just wanted you to know that it is this type of ish that makes this world such a sad place. Were you not taught that if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all? You’re ignorant as hell!

      • Be easy Sister….we have to educate, not name call and intimidate. The woman is just seeking advice for her child’s hair.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Black people are sometimes offended by the “good hair” notion, especially coming from a white person. A better way to describe it would be to say, easily manageable, wavy, soft, etc. just thought I would help.

    • I’ve got a mixed daughter with 3c hair. I’m “black enough” and her dad is white. Her hair is long and thick, and very healthy. If you need some tips, you can email me and I’ll help you out.
      But from now on, please don’t refer to hair as good, because it is an unmentioned idea that if there is “good” hair, then in comparison, there is “bad” hair, and that is offensive since black people have been raised for centuries in a white supremacist society, to be ashamed of their features, and that includes hair.
      One of the best tips I can give you, comb your child’s hair with a wide toothed comb while it is wet and some sort of crème is placed in it. Do not attempt to comb it while it’s dry. Use a natural oil (I use extra virgin olive oil in my daughter’s hair) while the hair is wet and slick it all through. then comb in sections. As for brushes… no… not unless you want frizz. The only time I use a brush in my daughter’s hair is when I’m slicking it down into a ponytail, and that is with ECO styling gel.

  6. I’ll admit, my hair would be longer then what it currently is but I am a very lazy natural. I hate doing my hair, I keep it in braids the majority of the time now because it’s easier for me and healthier for my hair. Because then I remember to oil my scalp and make sure it’s getting moisture. Taking it down is awfulness but I love being able to see all the length I’m retaining. If I’m not careful I can lose alot of hair being extra lazy after I take the braids out. It also helps with understanding my hair, my hair texture can be very frustrating, though today when I did my first successful wash and go(I was patient so it came out beautiful) My mom asked me how I achieved my curls and I was like, my hair is naturally like that, and shes like I’ve never seen it like that lol. I have 3c on the majority of my hair, however in the back it’s 3b, and the middle has 4a I think. There is a section in the mid back that is 2a, that section is a trip lol. I first thought it was damaged so I cut that all off, but it grew back just as wavy straight, it is by far the easiest to manage. Anywho, thankful for this forum, really need a regimen.

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