1. How can I regrow my 9 yr olds edges and also retain more moisture on 4c hair
    I am very new to the African American hair care as I’m white and recently gained custody of my 9 step daughter. Her hair is severely damaged, dry and brittle,,due to constant perming. Her edges are almost completely gone and she has barely roughly 6 inches of hair but it is only growing almost like a mohawk . I am finding it very hard to find a balance of moisture ! And also need ideas on how to help it grow!! I find it does great and seems to grow and is somewhat not as dry ,, by doing big box braids with adding weave… Is doing that wrong?? I need over all hep

    • Avoid braiding her hair too tightly or slicking back in really tight ponytails, this can cause more breakage and thinning of the edges. Give the damaged area extra attention when you moisturize her hair. When you moisturize always use water or a water based leave in conditioner first. Then you can use an oil or butter based product to seal in the moisture and prevent moisture loss. It will be more moisturized and grow in braids (what we call protective styles) because it isn’t exposed to the air and the braids will help keep her hair from tangling. You can always do box braids, two strand twists with her own hair as well don’t rely on the weaves too much. Simple styles work too like buns or ponytails anything where her hair isn’t roaming too free to encounter tangles. Also when you shampoo avoid shampoos with sulfates they are drying to Afro textured hair.

  2. Help! I’d like to try a wash n go (I’ve been natural since birth but it’s been damaged by over straightening and products so I cut it almost two years ago and just started styling it for the first time) but I’m having a slight confusion that could hinder that? Obviously 4c hair lacks defined curl shape and wash n go wouldn’t be very effective but my hair looks mostly 4b with some 4a when freshly washed and wet but once dry, even without product it looks like a mix of 4c and 4b. Is there any way to clear this confusion?

  3. I can’t figure out my hair type or if it’s just heat damaged. I wish I could send a pic so someone can help me. I’m so lost on this natural hair stuff as my mom has been perming my hair before I could even remember:(
    I’ve gone two years without relaxer but I didn’t really take care of it and I used hear a few times.

  4. I’ve been wondering about the complexity of my hair, thank you. 4C it appears is me!! My daughter 4B…what a huge difference!

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