1. Wow glad I found this! My hair ranges from 3a-4b A
    gypsy lady with about 30″ of brindle hair .

  2. I don’t understand why 4c curls are negated in the illustration and the model looks like she has straightened hair. We curls and a curl pattern, they’re just tight.

  3. I am 4B according to the test. I use kinky curly to define my curls, but I don’t really like the crunchy texture. I just ordered shea moisture products and I’ll see if I like the feel of that better. I Want My Curls defined, but softer to the touch.

  4. This new generation of hair and hair products have left a great deal of women of color really unaware of their “roots” that may sound like a play on words but it is so true, point in case 20–40 years s ago there was an interment called a straightening comb! And it was used by woman of color, and the majority had the same hair type! Go ask grandma! There is nothing new under the sun, maybe other than the new “Carmel Nation” of women!!

  5. Hi! Great blog! I am a hairstylist and looking for models with 3a-4c textures, and I would like to use your pics for a model call posting on Facebook and instagram. I just wanted to make sure there were no copyright restrictions. Thanks!

    Perfect Peace,
    Twitter: @hairtalkwelecia
    Facebook: Elecia Mitchell

  6. I’m a 4b and all this time I thought I was a 4c even though my hair is much softer than my daughter’s 4c hair my hair is a cotton ball hers is more course so I’m glad to know we both have good hair. Healthy girl????

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