The LOC Method Explained

LOC Method for hair moisture

The LOC method is a technique that is used to retain hair moisture. You need to take three steps to use this method. First start with a liquid, next use an oil or butter, and then use a cream.

Each application is meant to seal in each layer. In many cases you will find that this is an effective means for sealing moisture into your hair, however if you find that it does not work evaluate the products that you are using.

If your hair is overly greasy or dries out quickly, the odds are you are not using the right product for you.

First lets start with the liquid that you are using….

Water is one of the best natural moisturizers that you can use, however when it used wrong, it can go really, really wrong.  For those who have hard water problems, please do not use this in your hair. Instead try using filtered water. Hard water with mineral deposits can be drying to your hair and will do nothing to help your dryness woes.

Also you want to make sure your hair is saturated with water when applying certain products like Kinky-Curly curling custard, but I find that this is applicable for most products as well. When your hair starts to dry before you apply the product the moisture from the product begins to escape, which is why if you find this happening spraying your hair with water is helpful.

Applying an oil or butter to your hair is the next step to sealing the moisture from the water in. You can even use something right from your kitchen, like Extra Virgin Olive Oil to get the trick done. Whatever you use, go with an oil product that doesn’t have all the unnecessary extras in it that may be promoting dryness in your hair.

The cream is the final layer that helps to seal in the two underlying ones. What you choose will be based upon your preference. but my personal favorites are:

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque

Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme

Kinky-Curly Custard

Wonder Curl Get Set Jelly

To add curl definition and to protect your hair while you rest, two strand twist, braid, or cornrow your hair, this will also help with moisture retention.

This method definitely works, how successful it will be will be dependent on the quality of the products that you use. When the LOC method is used along with a protective style, you may find that you can even go a couple of days without the need to heavily moisturize your hair.



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  1. Carole Anderson

    I’ve got mostly gray hair and I find it hard to keep moisturized. Do you have product recommendations for the LOC method for dry gray hair?

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