Loza Tam Hair Buns Give Hair More Fullness and Shape

loza tam hair bunsLoza Tam Hair Buns help you to form a perfectly shaped bun in minutes. It especially comes in handy if you don’t have the length or the fullness you would like. Fake it until you make it!

One of the most common products women use to give their hair bun a boost is the hair donut. However, the hair donut is usually made from an abrasive material that can be drying and damaging to your hair if you are not careful.

Loza Tam Hair Bun Compared to a Hair Donut

In the video above on the left we have a Loza Tam Hair Bun, on the right we have standard hair donut. The hair donut is made of a mesh like material that can potentially snag your strands. While on the left we have a Loza Tam Hair Bun that is handmade with satin in Ghana by women entrepreneurs. It is flexible, easy to bend, shape and you simply button it up to snap it into place.

Look at that Form

Pictured on the left we have you average old hair bun. On the right I used the Loza Tam Hair Bun which helped give me more fullness and shape to create a beautiful high bun look.

To use the hair bun all you have to do is:

  1. Smooth your hair into a ponytail
  2. Put your ponytail through the bun
  3. Smooth your hair over the bun
  4. Pin your hair into place

Using this tool will make shaping your bun practically effortless and since it is made of a stain material there are no worries about it being too rough on your hair. Hair buns are a great style option if you want a simple protective style that will help you to retain length and moisture. With the Loza Tam Hair Bun, you don’t have to worry about your accessory being counterproductive to your hair goals as it designed to prevent damage, while giving full shape and beautiful form.

Purchase this product and beautiful satin-lined African style headbands on LozaTam.com.


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