My Natural Life Series Explores the Everyday Challenges of Embracing Your Hair as a Teen

my natural life seriesThe My Natural Life series takes a look into the world of a teen that decides to embrace her natural hair. It sounds crazy that embracing the hair you were born with is such a monumental thing, but it is. Just take a look at the South African protests that occurred not too long ago, where girls were fighting for the right to rock the hair they were born with; clearly black hair is a global taboo.

Viewing the preview clip of this series was like looking back at my high school years: the insecurity, the feelings of being an outsider and the overall feeling of awkwardness. I wasn’t natural as a teen, but I would go long periods of time without a relaxer and most of the time I had a hard time doing my hair. I didn’t have any negative attitudes toward textured hair, but I do remember a few people referring to my hair as “nappy”. So I can only imagine what a teen who decides to go natural would go through if she happens to resides in an area where straight hair is the standard.

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