Natural Spotlight, Bambu: 31 Flavours of Natural Hair

Meet Bambu, author of 31 Flavours of Natural Hair!

Flat Twist Tuck and Roll Natural Hairstyle

Q.How long have you been natural?

A. I have been natural for 19 years since August 1997. I haven’t straightened my hair, I have learned to deal with my hair in its natural state.

Tuck and Roll Natural Hair Updo

Q. Why did you go natural?

A. When I was young, I loved to look at old pictures of the 60’s and 70’s of black women rocken’ their afros. It always looked so beautiful and powerful. I didn’t understand at that young age why we didn’t wear our hair in its natural state. As I grew up in California, I would see this amazing woman who wore her afro. I loved how she would walk with power and  purpose. I said I wanted to be like her. I didn’t know who she was yet she left an amazing positive impression on me. I told myself “If she can do it so can I.” I did the big chop (before it was named the Big C”) in my friends bathroom and never looked back. Before I went natural I found out who this mystery woman was. She was a huge factor in the civil rights movement. Who was this woman? You will have to read my book to find out!

Q. What are your favorite go to styles?

A. My favorite go to hairstyle is Flavour #22 The Swan (from my book 31 Flavours of Natural Hair)

Tuck and Roll Updo Style


My second favorite is Flavour #21: The Cloud

Natural Hair Tuck and Roll Style

I like to wear this one when it is humid outside and I want to wear my afro. The Cloud hair style has the fullness of an afro with the neatness of a put together hairstyle. It is a tuck and roll hairstyle. Like all of the hairstyles in my book, this is work appropriate.

Q. What are your favorite products?

A. I use many different products but the must-haves for me are Black seed oil to put on my scalp and The Miss Jessies Creme de la creme, it smells so fresh and clean while keeping my hair soft.

Natural Hair Tuck and Roll Style

Q. Your advice to new naturals?

A. My advice I would have for new naturals and all natural gals as a whole is find at least 3 products that work for your hair (cleansers, moisturizers and conditioners) rotate them every few washes. Our hair gets used to products, ( this is why we use a product and 3 months later it doesn’t seem to work like it did in the beginning) if we continually change the products our hair will stay in the “my hair loves this product” phase, which makes our hair easier to manage.

More advice is; natural hair is a process and journey. Find a routine that works best for you and LOVE YOUR OWN HAIR! Finding a routine and loving your hair is how you will you will get the best results when styling.

Natural Hair Pompadour

Q. Tell us more about your eBook. 
A. I wrote and published “31 Flavours of Natural Hair” It is a step by step eBook that teaches and shows women how to style their hair in 31 different easy, classy and fun natural hairstyles. This book is catered to business and working women who want and need more professional natural hairstyles!

With all the negativity circulating about natural hair, my book “31 Flavours of Natural Hair” combats it in the most gracious way, with beauty and action. We can be beautiful, professional and classy with our natural hair!

The hardback version of the book is available upon request through my email

You can find Bambu online at:

Instagram @lovebambu

Facebook: 31 Flavours of Natural Hair

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