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How long have your been natural?
I have never had a perm, so technically I have been natural all of my life. But about three years ago I began experimenting with heatless styles for my hair. This is when I ditched the flat iron and learned to fall in love with my natural hair texture. Now I wear my hair heatless most of the time, only using a flat iron a couple times a year.

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Why did you decide to go natural?
I decided to go natural (or heatless) because I wanted my hair to grow a few inches and I noticed that it grew when I wore my hair in heatless styles. When I made this decision I saw amazing growth with my hair.

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What are your favorite go to styles?
If I am in a rush, I love to just quickly put some twists in my hair and rock a twist out the next day. But if I have time to spare, I prefer to set my hair with Curlformers.

What are your favorite products?
I make my own shea butter oil mixture and flaxseed gel using the recipes from Naptural85 (a fellow YouTuber). These products have done wonders for my hair thus far.

What is your advice to new naturals?
My advice to new naturals would simply be to leave the creamy crack alone and never look back! I know too many people who keep getting relaxers because they think that their hair isn’t manageable enough to be natural. New naturals who already have this mindset may be more tempted to return to relaxers or perms when their natural hair journey gets tough. But just remember that as you learn about your natural hair, it will get easier!

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Where to find Brittany Online
My YouTube channel is “Diaries of a Campus Natural” where I share my experiences as a natural on a mostly white college campus, college friendly tutorials, and interviews with other campus naturals. I make new videos every week.

Twitter: @Campus_Natural
Instagram: @campus_natural
Pinterest: Diaries of a Campus Natural

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