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Cuera Crochet BraidsHello my name is Cuera Johnson and I am from Cleveland, OH. I am a fashion, hair and beauty blogger for my personal blog Haute on a Mission Style.

How long have your been natural?
My hair is natural and I have currently been wearing crochet braids which is a popular protective style for the past year now. I have’t had any perms in the past 3 yrs and honestly I do not see myself ever getting another perm. Since transitioning my hair is continuously going back to its natural state and with wearing crochet braids my hair has grown tremendously.

crochet braids hauteonamissionWhy did you decide to go natural?
I decided to go natural, because with relaxers it was making my hair very thin and I felt like my hair had stopped growing. I debated about doing the big chop, but decided to transition wearing crochet braids. I really love being natural! My hair is growing so much. What I love the most is that my hair is actually getting thicker, whereas before I had the insecurities with my hair being so thin. When I decided to go natural and started posting pictures of me wearing crochet braids the response was amazing. I immediately began to post more pictures on social networks to show just how much you could do with the crochet braids (versatility) to create a natural look. Over the past couple months I have built an audience through social networks to inspire other fellow naturalistas who want to know how to install crochet braids. The biggest accomplishment I have made with this protective style has been the ability to transform kinky braiding hair into a straight, beautiful and natural look.

What are your favorite go to styles?
A few of my favorite go to styles are using my perm rods and wearing my hair in big curls or using my flexirods to create loose curls as well.

What are your favorite products?
Some of the products that I can’t go without and love using on crochet braids include the Lottabody setting lotion & moisturize me, and Elasta QP olive oil & mango butter.

Crochet Braids Cuera

What is your advice to new naturals? 
The best advice I can give as well with wearing protective styles, is to make sure you keep your ends trimmed. Also keep your hair conditioned while wearing protective styles.

Where to Find Cuera Online
Instagram: pages @hauteonamission and @hauteonamissionstyle
Pinterest: @hauteonamission

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  1. How do I start off natural my hair is very short and I had got one side cut but its growing back fast now.what products do I need too start off with?

    1. You will have to experiment and see what products work for you. I recommend the products on this page:

      However you will only know until you try and see what works. Also you can’t rush the speed at which your hair grows. Hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month. What you can do is make sure that you are keeping it healthy and not damaging it at the same rate that it is growing.

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