Natural Spotlight: Kayla Mitchell

Q.How long have you been natural?

A. 5+ years

Q. Why did you decide to go natural?

A. I decided to go natural because perms were causing a lot of damage to my hair, and I wanted my hair to get longer and healthier.  Going natural was my own personal choice, and I made sure that no one got in the way of that.
Q.What are your favorite go to styles?

A.Braid out, twist out and low bun with side or middle part.

Q. What are your favorite products?

A. My favorite products are:


Q.What is your advice to new naturals?

A. My advice to anyone who is thinking about going natural or already natural is to make sure your hair stays moisturized. Its very important to moisturize your hair at least every other day depending on how dry your hair is.  Every three days can also work.  Its also to make sure that you focus more on the healthiness of your hair than you do the length.  If all you care about is getting longer hair, you risk doing some serious damage to your hair because you aren’t taking care of it in the way that you need to. If you have strong healthy hair, the length will come. Trust me.


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