Pre-Curling Crochet Braiding Hair + Invisible Roots Method Video

pre-curling crochet hair

By far this has been my best crochet braid install ever! I credit this to the brand of crochet hair that I chose and my choice to pre-curl the hair before installing it to my hair.

For my crochet braids I decided to go with the Cuban Twist brand.  YouTubers Border Hammer and My Natural Sisters used this brand for their crochet braids. I loved how natural theirs looked so rather than using any old marley brand I went with this option and was much happier.

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Instead of curling the hair once I installed it, I decided to pre-curl to avoid the risk of burning myself and to have a more perfected curl. The last crochet install I did, I curled the hair once it was already installed and the curls could have been better. Pre-curling the hair also made it easier to install because the hair was less tangly and less troublesome to work with. In the future If I am going for a look that resembles a twist out I will always use this method because it’s less hazardous and easier for me to get the curls the way I like them.

Here is how I pre-curled my hair and a brief look at the invisible roots method.

All in all with cornrowing my hair, detangling the hair + rodding it, then installing the process took about 3 hours. If you don’t want to invest the time in curling the hair you, Curlkalon is a brand of crochet hair that comes pre-curled so you can cut down about an hour or so of time. If you don’t pruchase the hair pre-curled, I recommend doing it yourself before installing to make the process safer for you and to have more control over defining the curl.

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