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Hair & Body Oil


Our Hair & Body Oil is great for the Entire Body, from Hair to toe. It’s infused with Vitamin E, essentials oils and other nourishing oils such as JoJoba, sweet almond, EVOO and grape seed oils.

Our oil will promote healthy hair growth and is a complete moisturizer for the skin. It can also be used as a Hot Oil Treatment and beard oil.

Featured ingredients:

-Jojoba oil- great for dry scalp and dandruff issues; it’s rich in vitamins and minerals that is instrumental in nourishing the hair strands

-Extra Virgin olive Oil-promotes hair growth by increasing the elasticity of the hair. It inhibits the production of DTH hormones on your scalp, which combats hair loss.

-Vitamin E- repairs damaged hair follicles by preventing tissue corrosion while helping to build healthy tissue. Vitamin E promotes blood circulation and acts as deep moisturizer for your hair. It combats hair breakage and brittle hair.

How to use: For Hair: Apply oil to towel dried hair to seal in moisture. For Body: Apply oil to damp skin after shower or bath to seal in moisture. Be careful. Floor surface may be slippery if oil is applied to feet. To heat oil for massage or hot oil treatment, heat water in a separate container to warm, not boiling. Place oil bottle in container for up to a minute. Test oil temperature BEFORE applying to hair, scalp or skin. ***MAY CAUSE BURNS*** Store out of direct light.


EVOO, Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, essential oils

Weight 4.2 lbs

K. Lernise Naturals, LLC

K. Lernise Naturals, LLC specializes in hair and skincare products. Our mission is to be a resource for families seeking natural, organic and vegan products that do not contain harsh chemicals and are great for their entire family. Our hair and skin care products are for all ethnicities and are designed for maximal hydration, moisture , strength and growth.

K. Lernise Naturals , LLC pride ourselves in delivering products that are hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin. We use the finest of materials and ingredients and pay extra close attention to detail to ensure you receive great results! Our products are made with love and we are confident that you will enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

We want to be your trusted curator for your hair and beauty needs. Our customer service is top notch and our shipping is usually 1-3 business days. Give us a try! We would love your business.

Find K. Lernise Naturals at these other great locations…

The Natural Choice
2639D Broad Street
Camden, SC 29020

*Needful Things
2401 Broad Street
Camden, SC 29020

*Silk & Satin Online Beauty Supply Store

***We offer Wholesale prices and sell in Bulk. Be sure to email us at to ask us about these great Opportunities!!!***

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