Protective Styling Season: Faux Locs

If crochet braids were considered the protective style of the summer, faux locs are definitely making a huge comeback for fall! Beauties like @donedo, @igobyrocsi, @only1msforbes, and just recently, @Naptural85 herself have all tried their hand at these style, and their results have been utterly fabulous. Faux locs are suitable for all hair types and depending on how big or small you choose to do them, can take anywhere from 6-12 hours to install.

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As with any protective style, begin with freshly washed, deep conditioned, and stretched hair. 

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Three methods of installing faux locs will be featured below: feel free to utilize the method that is suitable for your hair and lifestyle needs. The first method requires you to install twists first: if your hair is about as long as you would like your faux locs to be, you can do the twists on your own hair. If not, you can begin with Marley twists wrap loose hair around the twists in order to create the loc.  For the second method, you skip the Marley Twist installation and simply wrap the hair around your own, loose (stretched) hair. The look results in faux locs that are smaller, and may require you to install more locs for a fuller look.

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You can wash faux locs just as you would you own hair. Also, be sure to moisturize and oil your scalp weekly to protect your hair for the duration of your faux loc protective style.

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In this first method, Whitney (Naptural85) begins by two strand twisting her entire head (she adds Marley hair towards the ends of the twists). She then wraps each twist with Marley hair. If your hair is about as long as you would like your faux locs to be, this method can work for you. Nap85 believes that installing the twists using mostly her own hair makes the end result more flexible and easier to work with. Because of the initial twist, this method tends to result in a thicker faux loc. Not only does Whitney show how she installs her faux locs, but she also teaches you how she cleanses her Marley hair to keep it from being itchy.

In this method, Donna (Donedo) installs Marley Twists on her own her first, and then wraps the twists with Marley hair. (Note: the bigger the Marley twist, the bigger the loc, so be wise in how you install your twists).

In this final method, Mel (MELifestyle) begins on stretched hair; she braids her own hair about an inch and then begins wrapping her hair in Marley hair. Once she reaches the end of her own hair, she continues by wrapping the Marley hair in on itself.

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