How to Do a Fermented Rice Water Rinse for Stronger and Softer Hair

rice water results
@Maryam Hampton

That rice you have lingering in your cabinet has another use besides being a complement to your dinner, you can use it in your hair! Rice water rinses are used to strengthen, soften and add shine to your strands.

Step #1: Rinse your rice 

rinse rice firstRinse off your rice to remove any dirt or impurities


21 thoughts on “How to Do a Fermented Rice Water Rinse for Stronger and Softer Hair”

  1. I used rice water for 3 months and I will say my hair has grown so much. I didnt expect it to really work but I got about 5inches!!!
    I think I’m going to keep going, giving my hair a break ever few months. But you can find my on YouTube @ Precious Kisses here is the link for the video;:

    1. Sylvia M Yarrell

      For fermentation to take place the lid should be ON! Preferably ferments faster in a warm dark place or dark-colored jar or bottle.

  2. I am so afraid to try this. My hair is low porosity and does not react to products like most people’s hair. And super fine hair as well. So, I am quite sceptical

  3. If you’re using essential oils, you *must* use an emulsifier in order to mix it in with water. Oil + water = do NOT mix together on their own.

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