You Can Save Black Economics With Hair

Did you know the black hair care industry is said to be valued at $2.5 billion and most of the products African Americans purchase are imported from China and India? It’s time to change that.

All the products that we carry in our marketplace are black owned. However, I want us to take things a step further. When you purchase from the marketplace your funds will not only support a black owned hair care business, but it will also help support other black creators and entrepreneurs online.

For complete transparency, Black Naps has created a Patreon page. This Patreon is not merely to gather support but to support other black business owners. I wanted a way to show you that I am not going to just say I will donate towards a black business and you have no way of knowing whether this happens or not.

If you view our Patreon Page on Desktop (for some reason this doesn’t show on mobile) you should see a section when you scroll down that says “Supported by Black Naps” and you will see a list of black creators that Black Naps donates to. I want to keep adding to the small list we currently have. From this date on each marketplace purchase, partnership and Patreon supporter we get, will add $1 or more towards supporting another black creative.

Why should I support Black Business? Why does it matter?

Every community with the exception of African Americans has group economics. If you look to the Asian community they do this very well or if you even consider religious groups like the Jewish they have their own schools and businesses.

In our communities Blacks are not the majority who run the businesses. This is a very unique scenario as we see this virtually with no other group.

If anything black hair, should be the #1 industry we run. After all it’s our hair, yet Asian groups are dominating this category? How does this even make sense?

How can I make a difference?

#1 Start valuing creations by our people.

Have you ever noticed people go crazy over the idea of Chanel, Gucci or Michael Kors no matter how expensive they are or how beyond their financial means it is? Better yet, why do “urban” clothing lines get “played out” so fast? It’s because we aren’t placing the creations of our people on the same pedestal that we place others on.

#2 Make the effort.

We can take that control back by supporting our own even when it’s perceived as easier or more convenient to go elsewhere. Stores only stock products there is a demand for.

Would you rather a product line you like be in a store near you? Then you have to support it first.

#3 Past experiences do not always determine the future.

Some people make the excuse that they have bad experiences with Black Businesses. Yes, that is probably true, but when you have a bad experience with another group’s business do you hold that same prejudice? I have personally have had bad business experiences with ALL groups, but it doesn’t prevent me from trying any particular group’s business.

If you are unhappy with the result, there is a simple solution, never use that particular business again, don’t hold it against a whole group of strangers. I think this all goes back to #1 we have to value our own creations and not put everyone else’s on a pedestal.

Whether you shop with us or not make a point to know where your products are coming from and support black businesses whenever you can. Doing this is the only way we can offer more improvement for our communities, have more black entrepreneurs and a better future for our children.

Yours Truly,

Ariane Wiliams

Founder & CEO Black Naps

P.S. Who do you think we should support next via Patreon? Please let us know in the comments if there is a YouTuber, Blogger, Creative or Entrepreneur we should donate to! 

Please share and spread the word that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is and donate to other black entrepreneurs.

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