Super Natural The Play, “It’s like the Vagina Monologues but it’s about hair”

super natural the play

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In the play, seven women are forced to confront their definition of beauty in an image obsessed world, leading them on a natural hair journey to find themselves. Natural hair has always been politicized. In New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill, that reduces the amount of training aspiring hair braiders will have to complete to work legally in New Jersey. Recently, New York codified mistreatment of people based on hair texture or style as racially discriminatory. The law specifically ensures protection for Black New Yorkers, who are often targeted at work and in schools, from facing disciplinary actions based on hair.

This dynamic show is being re-staged at the Burgdorff Theater after traveling to Los Angeles and Virginia. It is described by many as the Vagina Monologues – but about hair. “We collected the rich experiences of women who have had a tug of war with their hair and won,” said playwright Gilda Rogers.  The characters guide you through the struggles of a cancer patient, a Black woman with Jewish heritage, a YouTube sensation and others who come together to get to the root of their hair dilemmas and core of who they are.  

super natural the play

Since its debut in 2012, Supernatural: The Play has resonated with the theater-goers with tears and standing ovations for its universal themes of self-acceptance, triumph over tragedy, and redefining beauty.

Rated one of the top plays to watch by L.A. Stage Raw         

SEE THE PLAY IN MARYLAND! The play will also make its debut at the Prince Georges African-American Museum And Cultural Center, 4519 Rhode Island Avenue, North Brentwood, MD on July 20, 2019. For ticket information or to become a vendor, visit Contact

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