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Can’t Cornrow? You Can Still Do Crochet Braids!

Can you tie a shoe string? Then you can crochet braid. Creating crochet knots is so effortless that it gives you the opportunity to create styles that normally would take 8 hours in 2 hours or less. The only barrier for some people who want to try this style is…they cannot cornrow. Will guess what […]

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Crochet Braids (See These Shortcuts!) Make Them Even Easier Than They Already Are

Crochet Braids are the best way to achieve a number of curly to braided looks without spending all day on your hair. For ¬†instance, typically box braids take up to 8 hours to achieve but with crochets, you only spend up to three hours for the same look. There are some shortcuts that you can […]

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Mambo Crochet Twists

6 Reasons to Try Mambo Twist Crochet Braids

My first impression of mambo crochet braids is that they are a beautiful style, but my biggest concern was that they could possibly be uncomfortably heavy. Luckily, that isn’t the case and they are worth all the rave that they get. #1 Once you get past doing your cornrows installing the twists is a breeze […]

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Quick Faux Locs

Quick Faux Locs! How to Get Them in 3 Hours or Less

Faux locs are a beautiful protective style that give you a taste of what the loc life is like. However, they take ages to do! Fortunately, there is a short cut. Usually to install faux locs you have to first put your hair in individual braid extensions, then you wrap braiding hair around the braid […]

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It’s Time to Change Your Hair, 4 Hairstyles for a New Look

Maybe 2016 is the year you finally go natural. Maybe it’s the year you make the conscious effort to grow your hair healthy, instead of just long. Or maybe you just want a new look for a new year. No matter your reason, a new hairstyle can be a great way to kick off a […]

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