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Crochet Senegalese Twists

Get Sengalese Twists in 3 Hours or Less Using the Crochet Method

I have always loved the look of Senegalese Twists and braid extension styles, the problem is they take so long to install (up to 8 hours) and are just as annoying to remove. Doing Crochet Senegalese Twists achieves the same look in 3 hours or less making them a less tedious process. So instead of spending […]

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Can You Swim With Crochet Braids?

Being that crochet braids have become a popular protective hairstyling option for many naturals, I am sure some of you are wondering “Can I wear this style for vacation?”. Well, it all depends on the type of hair that you use for your crochet braids. If you went for the trendy twist out look using a marley […]

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pre-curling crochet hair

Pre-Curling Crochet Braiding Hair + Invisible Roots Method Video

By far this has been my best crochet braid install ever! I credit this to the brand of crochet hair that I chose and my choice to pre-curl the hair before installing it to my hair. For my crochet braids I decided to go with the Cuban Twist brand.  YouTubers Border Hammer and My Natural […]

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Crochet Braids: Why Your Marley Hair Won’t Curl

  The most common issue that many of you may run into with crochet braids is getting your marley hair to curl. You may have difficulty getting the hair to curl the way you want it to or sadly in some cases it may not curl at all.  The installation of crochet braids is pretty easy, […]

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Remove Crochet Braids

3 Ways to Safely and Easily Remove Crochet Braids

Crochet-braids are the perfect protective style-especially if you’re looking for more versatility and want a change from the infamous twist or box-braids. Once your fabulous crochet braids are installed, the furthest thing from your mind will be uninstalling them; but unfortunately the day will come when you will have to. Let’s make sure that you […]

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