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10 Tips to Save Your Hairline

Many of the hair loss challenges that women with curly or coily hair face can be attributed to two conditions namely: traction alopecia and chemically induced alopecia.

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natural hair damage

10 Ways You Are Causing Damage to Your Natural Hair

Natural hair is not inherently weak, but it will damage easily if you’re not careful. You might wonder why your hair doesn’t appear to be growing or why it looks frizzy or even matted at times. Having long and gorgeous natural hair can be a reality if you learn some smart techniques and stick with […]

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grow bald spot fast

7 Things You Should Do to Regrow a Bald Spot Fast

For those who have encountered a bald spot, you know the feeling is not pleasant. Your emotions may range from shock to frustration, but before you lose it, here’s what you need to do to recover: SEE STEP #1 NEXT PAGE >

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Use These 4 Steps to Detangle Your Hair and Reduce Breakage

As your natural hair grows tangles come easy and it takes an investment of time to get through them. Detangling properly is a definite must if you want to retain hair length, as improper detangling will break off your hair. Follow these steps in order to achieve a beautiful, tangle-free hair: Step #1 Prepare a spray […]

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Why I Will Cut My Hair in a Heartbeat

I use to be so afraid of cutting my hair even when I desperately needed to let it go. Now that I understand what it takes to grow healthy hair that mentality eventually faded. I see no point in holding onto scraggly broken off strands just for the sake of length, especially when it looks so terrible! […]

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