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Just a Reminder: Pamper Yourself

Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day we often forget to do something little for ourselves. #Justareminder pamper yourself. These days as a new mom, life is BUSY. In a good way :-). Even though I am technically a stay at home mom, I am also a working mom as I […]

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Just A Reminder: Relax

Even though we’re only a few days into the new year, these few days may have already been quite the whirlwind for you. Setting your sights on how you can better yourself and improve in every area of your life is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Diving into this year with a ton of ambition and motivation […]

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Just a Reminder: Be Your Own Kind of Pretty

by Antonia O., founder of Un-ruly.com This year, for my site, Un-ruly’s, docu-series Pretty, I set out on a journey to speak with women around the world about beauty standards, partly because it seems that because of globalisation, beauty isn’t as varied anymore and we’ve all started aspiring to one global (European-influenced) beauty standard. So […]

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how to be happy

Just A Reminder: Live Happy!

It takes many of us years and years of living to figure out happiness is pursuit, not a given. In many circumstances you will have to choose happiness even though it may be easier to let obstacles get you down. Sometimes you have to even fight to be happy. In life some things we simply […]

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Just A Reminder: Enjoy Now

Have you found yourself complaining lately? Focusing so much on what you still want to accomplish or achieve that you forget to take delight in what you already have? Maybe you’ve faced a difficult circumstance lately that has resulted in feelings of defeat, sadness, or regret. We’ve all had moments where we’ve found ourselves in […]

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