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3 Exotic Oils You’ve Never Heard of Loaded With Nourishment for Natural Hair

Olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil most readily come to mind because of their ability to penetrate the hair shaft. While those oils are excellent and are tried and true, there are also other more exotic oils that are highly beneficial for natural hair, but they are not so often spoken of and also deserve favorable […]

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The Top 5 Best Oils for 4C Hair

As we all know, natural hair and oil are pretty much the perfect match. When it comes to Type 4 hair, particularly 4c, this match becomes especially important. Oil can be used for a multitude of purposes for natural hair, including: Prepooing Detangling Hot Oil Treatments Scalp Massages/treatments Adding to conditioners/deep conditioners Adding to your […]

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10 Oils for Hair That Are a Must Try

Maintaining healthy natural hair doesn’t require you to purchase all those fancy products from the hair care store.  Some of the best hair care products can be found at the grocery store or the whole foods store.  I have used each of these oils and they work wonders in maintaining shine and making my hair […]

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Oils that Penetrate Hair

Oils that Penetrate Hair: Part II of the Newbie Guide for Hair Oils

As we conclude our discussion of oils and how to incorporate them into your regimen I need to mention that while in general oils alone are not moisturizers, there are a few oils that will penetrate the hair shaft and soften the hair from within. Coconut, olive and avocado oils are high in saturated fats […]

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Beginner's Guide to Natural Hair Oils

Newbie Naturals This is How Oils for Natural Hair Should Be Used

More than likely oils will be the first products you are introduced to as a new natural. Some will swear that you can’t go natural unless you apply oils to your hair and scalp. I believe this is a remnant of the days when we were taught that the proper way to care for our […]

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