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How to Use A Diffuser On Natural Hair

Diffusers are great for drying your hair without disturbing the curl pattern resulting in lush, stretched bouncy curls. But if done incorrectly you could end up with a frizz ball. Here are a few things you should know about a diffuser and how to use it to make your wash day easier. What is a […]

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Have You Tried Non-Foaming Shampoos? You Should….Here’s Why

When you think of shampoo, no doubt one of the first things you think of is a rich lather with tons of suds and bubbles. But did you know that the foam that you see is usually created by sulfates? Sulfates are drying to natural hair and can leave your hair feeling stripped after a […]

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So What Are You Putting On Your Hair? Is It Good For You?

This post is by Mumbi, of Naturaz.com Many of you reading this article might identify with stories about effects of products that we use on our bodies, hair or foods that we ingest into our bodies for nourishment. You probably wonder what to buy when you get to a beauty shop or to a super […]

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Natural Hair Lovers Featuring 21 Gift Ideas

FEATURED Hairlooms: The Untangled Truth About Loving Your Natural Hair and Beauty Do you or someone you know need a boost in curl confidence? Author Michele Tapp Roseman shares her personal journey to fully embracing her natural beauty along with never seen before interviews from over 30 contributors like Kim Coles, MC Lyte, Nicole Ari […]

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5 Ways to Save Money on Natural Hair Products

This post is inspired by a few reader emails I have received, that ask what can you use when you don’t have a lot of funds to work with. Natural hair products are expensive, I won’t even lie! The average product will cost you anywhere from $10 to upward of $14. Especially in the beginning […]

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