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lace front wig glueless protective style

Change it Up With Lace Front Wigs Without Sacrificing Your Edges and Actually Protecting Your Hair

Style by HairVivi Sometimes as a woman you want something different, something spicy and a wig is a protective style that can give you the change you are looking for. Maybe you want to try a bob hairstyle but don’t actually want to cut your hair. Or perhaps you want a sleek look, but you […]

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Loza Tam Turban with satin inside

Loza Tam Turban Headwrap with Satin Inside to Keep Natural Hair Protected

Loza Tam headwraps and turbans feature something special that makes them even more of a must have for your arsenal: inside they have satin lining so you won’t have any worries about drying out or breaking off your hair. Turbans and headwraps can be a lifesaver when you don’t feel like doing your hair, when […]

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The Best Protective Styles With Extensions That Actually Protect Your Hair

Protective styling when done right can give your hair the perfect low manipulation environment to flourish. However, when you add extensions to your hair to protective style, it can go wrong depending on the types of styles that you choose.  For example, teeny tiny tight braids put too much tension on the hair and if […]

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butterfly braid with cornrows

10 Full and Beautifully Textured Butterfly Braid Hairstyles

Butterfly braids are one the most gorgeous looks trending out there! Although this style has a fairly simple foundation you can get pretty creative with this look. You can use them as a part of beautiful updos, adorn them with hair jewelry, or it can be the perfect low maintenance day to day style. You […]

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bubble ponytail

12 Gorgeous Must See Bubble Ponytail Styles on Natural Hair

There’s no end to how creative you can get with natural hair and Bubble Ponytail styles prove it. It is a simple style that doesn’t take much effort, yet you can do some amazing things with this look. You can opt to do a basic everyday ponytail or turn it into an elegant updo style […]

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