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4 Reasons Why Your Wash and Go’s Don’t Work Out

Convinced wash and go’s don’t work? Don’t follow the process and your outcome is guaranteed to SUCK. For kinky coily hair in particular, it is more than just wash your hair, apply a product and then you are set. Here is the reason why many wash and go’s go all wrong:

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Get a Defined No Frizz Wash and Go By Following These 7 Steps

Frizz is the number one reason why a wash and go style can end up being a complete fail. Luckily there are some things that you can do during the styling process that will reduce the chances of this happening. Here is a step by step of how you can get more defined curls and […]

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12 Photos of Type 4 Hair Wash n Go Styles and the Products They Used

Type 4 hair wash n go styles can be achieved regardless of whether their curls happen to be really defined or not much natural definition at all. Heads up….if you are looking for curl definition and naturally you just don’t have it the process can take some time. Nevertheless it can be done! Learn more […]

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Are Wash n Go’s on 4B/4C Hair Worth It?

Many¬†are under the impression that wash n go’s aren’t even achievable on 4b or 4c hair, but using the right technique it is entirely possible. The question is however, are most naturals willing to do what it takes to achieve these results? If you are thinking about doing a wash n go style 9 times […]

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How to Define a TWA on 4C Hair

There’s been a lot of debate regarding what “defines” a wash and go. There isn’t a “one size fits all” method to achieving a wash and go, and if you want super defined coils, you may not be able to literally wash your hair and head out the door. In this video, askpRoy shows us […]

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