The Formula for a Good Twist Out or Braid Out

The first braid out or twist out you may have tried may not have been so great, but here you can learn how to perfect it. Especially if you have kinkier hair like me you may have been disappointed with a flat matted lifeless curl, but with the use of a few easy techniques you can get full beautiful ringlets.

Detangling Not only is proper detangling a way to prevent against breakage, it will determine how good your hairstyles turn out. Now for women for a loser curl it may not affect them as much, but especially if you have coily hair, your hairstyles are not going to turn out too swell without making sure you do this. This means you should be dividing your hair up into at least four sections and getting all the tangles out combing from your ends to your roots after a wash.


Get a hold to them roots and check those endsWhen you do a twist out or a braid out, you want everything to look consistent. In order to do that you must grip your roots tightly when you twist or braid and then work your way on down and make sure those ends are in check too. If you have straight ends because you are transitioning from relaxed hair then you are going to want to use rollers so your look has more consistency to it. Otherwise you will have curly roots, with ends sticking straight down, and your gonna have a scarecrow look going on and you don’t want that!

*Tip: Have your heart set on a twist out? For your roots twist them as if you were about to start a flat two-strand twist and work you way down until you complete your twist. This helps to straighten out those kinks.

The Right Product to Hold Your CurlTo give yourself nice sheen, moisture, and hold you will want a heavy cream, butter, or gel to help you get the job done. Now there are no magical products out there, its all about finding what works for you. Once you have found the right product for you it will give your hair a nice stretch, more definition, and shine.

*Note: For me I know that I have tried Miss Jessie’s Buttercreme, Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque, Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Creme, and Wonder Curl Butter than Love Pudding for my twists outs. All are great products, and in all honesty there is no specific one that I must have I use whatever is available to me at the time.

A short evaluation of each one:

Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme- Amazing smell, fabulous results, pricey.

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque- Fantastic smell, great for everyday moisturizing and twist outs, great  price and value.

Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Creme- Fragrant, outstanding curls before even doing my twists, moderately priced.

Wonder Curl Butter than Love Pudding- Awesome smell, beautiful curly results with great definition, reasonably priced.



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