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What’s your TWA story?
I went back to natural about a year ago after a bad relaxer experience with the “creamy crack”. Once I had new growth and there were just a couple relaxed strands left. So in the comfort of my bathroom I took the scissors and just cut it myself. My sister is a stylist and she always used to tell me to go natural but I felt comfortable in protective styles. So once I finally made that cut I fell in love with it. I truly believed it brought out the inner beauty I had been covering up behind weaves & wigs.
 twa short natural hairstyle
How do you typically maintain your TWA on a daily basis?
 I maintain my hair by making sure its moisturized first and foremost. No one likes dry hair! Especially with winter around the corner I make sure I use Conditioner and Oil as well.
What are some of your favorite products to use on your TWA?
 Some of my favorite products would  have to be Carols Daughter / Design Essentials Natural Products / Cantu Shea Butter & Argan Oil
twa hairstyle
Describe your favorite style that you’ve done on your TWA and how you achieved it.
 My favorite style would have to be finger coils which I used to do more frequently when my hair was shorter but more so now I like doing two strand twists. I wash my hair with a curl cleanser and afterwards I make sure my hair is conditioned. Then I blow my hair out and part it and from there I do two strand twists. If I do the strands bigger it gives me a different look but normally I do the strands smaller and keep them in for a day and take them out and it gives my hair a certain look that I love.
What’s the best part about having short natural hair?
I must say the best part of having short hair is the confidence that it gives you as a Woman. I feel beautiful in my natural state. I love the reflection I see when I look in the mirror  I’m happy entirely. I always say that this is just the beginning because I see myself growing as a person and my hair in length. It’s exciting and its low maintenance. Sometimes I get up and I’m on my way. No Flat iron, heat damage, breakage around my edges.  Not that there is anything wrong with protective styles
mommy mocha natural hair
Any advice to new naturals?
There is no quick process for women to go natural. It’s more of a personal choice but its a beautiful and empowering experience. You have to have patience on this hair journey. Some days you might want to relapse for a 18″ Brazilian or go back to the “creamy Crack” but know your journey can inspire others as well. Women have to feel confident in their own skin and know that they are just as beautiful or even more beautiful with their natural hair. I didn’t ” Go Natural” I went Back To Natural

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