Use Natural Hair Clip In Extensions for Long Term Protective Styling

kinky curly clip in extensions

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Natural hair clip in extensions are great for short term quick styling but did you know that you can also use them to create long term protective styles? Styles that traditionally would take you a few hours to achieve can be accomplished in under and hour.

natural hair clip in extensions kinky curly

Just like you would set the base for crochet braids or sewn in weaves by cornrowing you can do the same with natural hair clip in extensions. After this is done instead of sewing in or crocheting you simply take the combs of the clips and secure them into the braids then snap in place. A pretty simple and easy way to achieve a gorgeous long term protective hairstyle.

natural hair clip in extensions

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The great thing about natural hair clip ins is that they give you the length and volume that you want while staying true to your texture. Natural hair extensions are available to match 4a, 4b and 4c hair type.

Afro clip in extensions

You can get extensions that resemble a twist out/braid out style or even get a straight look that mimics natural hair that has been blown out or pressed. This means that you don’t have to work so hard to get your texture to blend in with the clip in hair. Which means less damage to your natural tresses and less work.

The best perk is that great style doesn’t have to take forever! Get glam in literally a snap.

Learn more about how Kimali glows up effortlessly using Xotica Hair Kinky Curly Clip in Extensions. These clip ins look so natural everyone will believe it is your hair hair. They are 100% remy human hair which means you can color these extensions or curl them as if they were your own hair. Xotica Hair is a black woman owned single sourced hair company perfect for those who wish to buy consciously.

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  1. Great article. But the natural hair clips are not available in colors #44 or #51. Many of us sisters with gray/silver/white hair would love to use this product.

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