Using Bubble Wrap to Curl Natural Hair


Bubble wrap apparently has more uses than just packaging items, it can be transformed into hair rollers. We now have yet another heat free technique to stretch and curl natural hair.

Yes, this method even works for us kinky-coily ladies. YouTuber, Pure Estrogen has 4c Hair and in her tutorial the results were quite fabulous!

One advantage I can see to this, is the comfort of the rollers. Typically when doing a roller set you don’t always get the best nice rest. However with soft squishy bumble wrap you may find yourself resting more peacefully.

Tips for the best outcome

#1 Make sure your hair is thoroughly detangled.

#2 Avoid making the rollers too long.

#3 The bubbles should be on the inside of the roller so you are rolling the hair on a smooth surface.

#4 Do smaller sections so you can get the best stretch and style.

#5 Use your favorite hair cream or setting foam. I really love using (Miss Jessies Baby Buttercreme or Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll to set curly styles). In her tutorial Pure Estrogen is using African Pride Shea Butter Bouncy Curls Pudding.

#6 Apply tension as you roll your hair.

#7 Secure with a bobby pin.

#8 Before removing make sure your hair has completely dried.

It’s pretty cool how innovative us naturals can be. Bubble wrap for curling hair? Who knew?

Have you tried bubble wrap curls before? If you haven’t would you try it?

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