4 Reasons Why Your Wash and Go’s Don’t Work Out

Convinced wash and go’s don’t work? Don’t follow the process and your outcome is guaranteed to SUCK. For kinky coily hair in particular, it is more than just wash your hair, apply a product and then you are set. Here is the reason why many wash and go’s go all wrong:

#1 You don’t work in sections

wash and go's don't work with the wrong process

This is crucial especially for kinky-coily hair types. Separate your hair into 4 or more parts and apply product liberally to small sections raking your hands through until you see the definition you want. When you don’t work in sections you do not get the coverage that you need.

#2 Your hair is too wet when you apply product

You should be working with damp towel dried hair. If your hair is too wet, the product tends to slide off and it doesn’t get properly absorbed. It will end up looking frizzy or if you have low porosity hair it will stay wet all day.

#3 The product you are using is drying to hair

When you use the standard gel it tends to look good until your hair is completely dry. You should be using a moisturizing hair gel that gives you hold and definition. Some hair types may be able to get away with using a cheapie gel for wash and go’s but if your hair is prone to dryness it isn’t a good idea.

#4 Your blow dryer made things a little too dry

Air drying your hair is best however, it’s okay if you are short on time and need to speed things up a bit to use the blow dryer. When you do use your blow dryer turn on the cool setting. This way you wont dry up all the moisture you worked so hard to put into your hair.

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