Washing Hair in Cornrows Instead of Twists

washing hair in cornrows
I wash my hair in sections this big Photo Credit: Vissastudios.com

It’s common to see women washing their hair in big twisted sections , but what about washing with cornrows? I have tried the big floppy twist method and it simply doesn’t work for me. No matter how tight I twist, my hair always seems to unravel. So instead, I have been cornrowing my hair into large sections, and definitely prefer this method.  I know I can’t be the only one with unraveling twists during washes, so I wanted to share this tip with you all.

Now I do not recommend this if your hair is extremely in need of a shampoo and it has tons of product buildup. The reason being is, if you do have a substantial amount of buildup to tackle, with cornrows you may not be able to get your sections as good as you need to. This is for the days when you are attending to regular to average residue.

The reason that I like this method is because there are way less tangles for me and once my hair has dried I have a nice curly style that I can wear. I co-wash more than anything so I lather my hair with conditioner really good making sure to get those ends as best as I can.

Once I am in the shower, I make sure the water gets  into my scalp good and I am massaging my hair with my fingertips vigorously to remove any buildup that I may have. I have to do a lot of rinses to get my hair sud free and at the end of my wash I wring the ends of my hair to get the access water out.

Overall I find this method to be less of a hassle for me, because there is less of a worry of my twists coming loose and detangling no longer is this long gruesome session.

Well this is my method for making my washes easier, do any of you have a different technique for your washes?

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  1. I totally agree. The cornrows are an excellent alternative to twists and faster then just regular braids in sections. I leave my hair in loose but firm cornrows as this is very easy especially if you are working out majority of week. I have access to my scalp without having to comb my hair. Once a week I unravel after shampoo/condition. Midweek co-wash or spritz with essential oil or aloe/lemon or spritz after exercise helps maintains a clean scalp. Definitely moisturize as needed and keep ends tucked and sealed!!

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