Washing Your Hair in Braid Extensions Discover The Benefits

washing braid extensions

Regardless of what hairstyle you wear, your hair needs to be cleansed. Even if you happen to be wearing braid extensions that includes you! Braided extensions styles give us the freedom to have a more flexible routine but they should not prevent of us of taking care of what’s really important: our real hair. Here are some benefits to implementing a wash routine into your regimen while you wear braids:

It will alleviate build-up and itchy scalp

For those who wear box braids I am sure you are familiar with doing what is known as the weave pat. You find yourself constantly digging at your hair because the itchies are simply driving your crazy. In most cases you will find that if you wash your hair you are going to find great relief. Your scalp gets buildup with products, sweat, dirt and oil causing it to become extremely itchy. A good shampoo will alleviate this problem.

You will be able to tolerate your style longer

The itchies are enough to make you want to take your braids out ASAP. However, when you are cleansing your hair regularly that won’t be the case. You will be able to enjoy a nice break from styling and your hair will retain more length in a low manipulation environment.

Wash time is way easier

When you are wearing braids you don’t have to worry about detangling, washing your hair in sections, or your hair clogging up the drains. Washing is more convenient as you simply focus your efforts on getting your scalp free of debris, rinse, towel dry and go.

Your hair won’t be all dried up

When you go the entire duration wearing your braids without washing them your hair will get dried out. Supply your hair with the water that it needs to thrive. There is no sense in doing a month or two of protective styling all for it to go to waste. When you don’t take care of your hair while wearing braids you are left brittle hair that will be in desperate need of a trim.

See how easy is to wash your hair in braids below & why cleansing is important

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