What Natural Hair Products Do I Need?

There are no absolute product brands that you must have, but these are the kinds of products that you should definitely have:


Shampoo – You want to go with a shampoo that does not contain sulfates. Sulfates strip the hair of its natural oils and end up leaving it dry. This is why women of color often associate washes with dryness, it most cases its not the water itself that is drying to the hair, its the products that are being used.


Conditioning is probably one of the most important aspects of your hair care routine because it replenishes the protein that we lose in our hair on a daily basis. When  you make conditioning a part of your regimen you will notice overtime more strengthened hair and it also aids with your hair’s ability to retain moisture.


Water based moisturizer – A good moisturizer will have water as its first ingredient. You want to choose a moisturizer that contains humectants or ingredients like aloe which is a super curl friendly product.


While coconut oil has been said to have moisturizing properties, the purpose of oils and butters overall is to seal moisture into the hair, not to moisturize it. Nevertheless, you will find having a good oil to be a necessary part of your product collection. Jojoba oil has a similar composition to sebum, a natural oil that is found on the scalp making it a great option for sealing moisture in. Coconut oil is good to use before you wash your hair to protect it from dryness.

Finding What Works for You


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  1. Hello, I´ve been using keratin treatments to relax my hair since forever, starting with Brazilian products that seemed great at the beginning, but for some time now, keratin treatment only seem to thin out my hair and my ends look hideous. Its always the same length and looks like hay. Since a child Ive always had my hair relaxed, and now Ive been trying to go back to natural ( 25 years later). It doesn’t grow much, and its very curly in the roots but flat for the most part, and it doesn’t look nice no matter how much money I spend in Kerastasse and Redken products. Im not brave enough to cut it so short and get rid of all the processed hair. Please help me regain my curls ( I think I might be a 4C type, but Im not sure). Is there any way to undo my keratin processes? Is there any special product for this problem? Why doesn’t it grow and why are my ends so ugly!?

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