Why Go Natural

No matter how you got here, there is no right or wrong reason to go natural. The important thing is that you made that step or even considering it is a good start. Here are some benefits to rocking your hair in its natural state.

Live Life activegirl

without your hair in the way

For women of color, we tend to let our hair affect many areas of our life from whether we avoid working out, to depriving ourselves of enjoyable things like swimming.

If you are willing and ready to transition you will find your natural hair to be a freeing experience.

Once you stop working against your hair and start working with it, not only do you get to experience healthier hair, but there is less stress put onto you.

No more pricey salon visits + maintenance, no worries about sweating your hair out, and no more weakened strands from chemical damage.



strong fuller more resilient strands

While there are some women who can successfully grow long relaxed hair, many women find that they have benefited from healthy natural hair.

There are so many stories of women who could only achieve chin length hair while relaxed, but after going natural they are growing hair longer than they ever had before (myself included).

Black hair is already fragile enough as is, but when you add chemicals to the mix this leads to your hair becoming even more delicate and prone to damage. This means that you have to work extra hard to care for and treat your hair when it is chemically treated.


Self Acceptance innerpeace

loving yourself in your natural state; there’s nothing like it!

Then there is the boost to your self confidence. Now this doesn’t mean that as soon as you go natural that you will automatically feel your the, but it does feel good to know that you are comfortable in your own skin.

This is especially encouraging to women with young children. When they see mommy embracing their natural hair they think, if my mommy looks beautiful this way, so do I!

It’s good to know that you are beautiful no matter if you decide to wear a sleek style or wear your coils and kinks. For so long we have been trained to think what “good hair” is, and by showing your beauty to the world you are debunking this myth that only a certain hair type looks good.


Common Concerns

Will it be hard to style my hair?  It depends on what kind of style you are doing. There are tons of simple styles that you can do.

What if I don’t have the right texture? There is no such thing as a right or wrong texture of hair.

I don’t think I have the face for natural hair? Umm…. how could you not have the face for your hair’s natural texture?

Is natural hair professional?  The better question is why do you consider straight hair to be more professional?

A lot of these concerns come from the conditioning that society has put us through. It teaches us that straight hair is more superior and kinky hair is inferior.

All hair textures are beautiful. If you want to go natural go for it, don’t let what others think get in the way, if going natural is what you really want to do. After all it’s your hair.

Loving Your Hair

If you love it it will growA good book that you should consider reading if you are a newly natural or a natural that is struggling to understand how to care for your hair, is Dr. Phoenyx Austin’s book If You Love it, it Will Grow.

This is a good book that not only teaches what you need to do to grow longer healthier natural hair, but the mentality that you need to grow it.

You have to love your hair, not work against it. You will find that when you have this mentality the journey to healthy natural hair will be easier.




66 thoughts on “Why Go Natural”

  1. I started going natural 4 years ago. Now I’m wearing a teeny weeny fro with some gray and am loving it. I even get compliments from both men and women. I will be 60 in 7 months.

  2. While I was transitioning, my hair was so brittle and hard. I found this hair oil on Etsy called Beautiful oil of Faith and my hair is so soft and manageable. It also has grown a lot. Now I love my natural hair!!

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